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I strive convey the “in-between” spaces and arouse in us a forcible feeling of the uncanny. I paint emotions and impressions in a traditional figurative style. My paintings can be easily described, a woman singing wearing a swim hat, a man with his head wrapped in cloth, but none the less these paintings have an absurd quality to them in their deviational and juxtaposing ideas.
I want to create an intimate and uncomfortable space, to narrate a story untold in full. I’m concerned with how our public face masks so much information. In this digital age what we choose to reveal, and what we hide intrigues me.  it’s the allure of the hidden that inspires my work.

Cherylene dyer.   17/09/1973

Graduated Glasgow School Of Art 1998 BA honours, drawing and painting.


Prizes and Awards

Winner of National Open Art Prize 

Buchanan Purchase Prize, awarded by Art Exposure Gallery 

City of Glasgow Award, awarded at the Royal Glasgow Institute annual 

Benno Schotz Award for drawing, awarded at the Glasgow School of Art degree show 

Nominated for Figurativas 13, Figurative Art Prize, Barcelona 

Winner of the Glasgow Art Club award, Paisley Art Institute, 2015

Winner of the Turteling prize at the annual Art Open 2016 

Finalist at Scottish Portrait Awards 2017 

Multiple solo and group shows with International Galleries

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